Babbit Bodner's 2017 Communications' Forecast

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – predictions for the next 365 days! I love lists, trends, and forecasting so December news also perks me up.

Below are Babbit Bodner’s five communications trends we expect to see peak in 2017.

  1. Seamless comms: Public relations MUST partner and work in tandem with search to make any traction. The quantity of content and distribution channels out there right now is so massive that any coverage that doesn’t rise to the top of search results is almost obsolete. Join goals and processes like working in tandem on an editorial calendar can maximize your online visibility.

  2. The return of the desk drop. When I first started in PR, all I did was wrap beauty products and clever tchotchkes with a bow and deliver them to editor’s desks. With everything electronic, live and in real time, this practice seemed to be going the way of the dinosaurs but I feel strongly that having something arrive on your desk is one of the only ways to disrupt and break through.

  3. Hyper, hyper, hyper local media. The rise of apps, tools, and online communities like Nextdoor, neighborhood Facebook groups and the hyper-local blogging community means that news and information sharing is focused on the exact area of town you live and even your street. Moving forward, if it’s not relevant to you and your neighbor, it’s just not relevant.

  4. Hyper, hyper, hyper local shopping. This same kind of hyper-local effect is going to be felt at retail. From location data company Placed, to GridQuire Labs, a mobile ad purchasing tool that pulls demographics of an audience within a mile of their location, brands can now know exactly where and what a customer is doing at any given time and dictate messaging, deals and more.

  5. Brands will be more personal and engaged than ever before. Yes, I know this has probably been a trend for the past 20 years, BUT there are several triggers for why brands are going to have to really focus on personalization. One is the rise of social re-targeting – you can’t use the same message and CTA for everyone. And there is the omnipresence of social media automation. Standard, scheduled tweets and posts just aren’t going to cut it. Make your brand talk like a human, to humans, with humanity.

That’s all for now!

What are you expecting in 2017? Please let us know!