The Beauty of September 12

I remember like yesterday the horror of being in New York on September 11th. Fear infiltrated the streets, the unease of the unknown was terrible, and a level of anxiety never seen before took over our country.

But something amazing happened on September 12, 2001. New York moved forward. The USA move forward. We started rebuilding – not just infrastructure, but community, technology and positivity. The NYPD never paused. Along with the fire department, national guard, and I’m sure countless other agencies, they ensured safety precautions across the city. Non-profits stepped up to embrace those that had lost loved ones, provide shelter to those in need. And people across our nation focused on the path forward and how to help.

Yesterday was perhaps not as traumatic, but it was still a challenge as Irma swept across Georgia after devastating Florida and the Caribbean; and our friends in Texas were navigating the aftermath of Harvey. We had a massive tree fall in our back yard, just feet away from our house but managed to keep power throughout the storms.

And here we are again. September 12.

And our city, and our country is once again moving right along. I write this from the air on my way out west. I could have cried tears of joy as my beloved West Paces Ferry Starbucks was open and serving at 6 a.m. this morning despite the storms and road conditions. Thanks to the GDOT, I made it to the airport without a hiccup and Delta Airlines has totally impressed me with their traveler communications over the past 24 hours and of course, with an on-time departure. I am grateful to the GA Power crews and to the Atlanta and Sandy Springs PD for working through the night for our safety and accessibility. And I continue to feel fortunate that we are surrounded by amazing organizations like United Way and many, many others that have helped people find shelter from the storm, aid after devastation, and much-needed moral support.

I might sound a little pollyanna-ish, a little too “glass half full” for such crazy times, but hey, that’s what being an American is all about. It’s what being an Atlantan is all about. We rise up, we begin again, and we look to the future with hope…and a good cup of coffee.