When everything these days is trending, what should our clients be in the know about?

Below is our take on three things you should be in the know on this month:

  1. Cashless: The rise of cashless retail and restaurants continues. Leaders are making the change based on a few key things: 1) Cash is dirty 2) Cash leads to more burglaries and 3) Cards/e-payments are more effective. Matt Kempner recently covered the trend in ATL (including BB client The Local Pizzaiolo) here and David Gelles sums up his experience going cashless in last week’s NYT.

  2. Storytelling, not selling. Atlanta speech coach Sally Williamson just launched her newest book, Storylines & Storytelling: What They Remember and Repeat that urges corporate leaders to focus on storylines vs. bullet points in presentations. Creative guru Joey Reiman and former Turner-exec Brad Segal are turning brands’ purpose into stories for the big screen with their new concept, Brand New World.

  3. Self-Dat-ifying Information: This week, genome testing leader 23 and Me announced its tests can help identify BRACAI and II through it’s DNA testing. Some other personal health tests we’re digging; JScreen helps people of Jewish Origin find out about potential genetic disorders they might be carrying, Habit.com is a customized nutrition a comprehensive nutrition test that looks at your DNA and your blood to determine how your body handles carbs, fat and protein. And Day Two, DayTwo out of Tel Aviv has raised $17 million to provide personalized health and nutrition advice based on the composition of a person’s microbiome. Our gut tells us this is the future.

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