#Trending: Facebook TV

At a recent team lunch, we ran into Catherine Zeta Jones on location @Chops. We were of course snooping around, checking out the set, and wondering what the latest movie being filmed in ATL could be!

Turns out, this wasn’t for a big-screen film, it was for Facebook’s latest Watch Series, Queen America.

Then, just yesterday, my husband called me in a tizzy as his beloved Braves weren’t being aired on the standard TBS South. Instead, to watch his team, he had to log onto Facebook Watch.

Facebook What? Variety reported that more than half of users have never heard of Facebook Watch, yet it’s clearly the “next big thing.” From large-scale productions to a massive Major League Baseball partnership, things are just getting started.

“Probably the most important single announcement from the Owner’s Meeting is we’ve done an agreement with Facebook,” said MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred upon announcing the partnership.

The past decade has been focused on content, content, content. What’s crucial for all brands is that they put equal focus on distribution. Facebook is the ultimate platform for mass distribution given its reach. As marketers, there is still time to get involved with Facebook Watch in the early days, be a pioneer of the latest channel.

What do you think? Have you watched Facebook Watch? Is it here to stay or just a fleeting trend? Let us know @babbitbodner.