10 Tips for Getting on Board

  • Build your credentials. Tell your story.

  • Educate yourself on board duties and responsibilities. For example, how a board operates, what the duties and responsibilities of a board member are, etc.

  • Understand the implications of board service. For example, the fiduciary responsibility and risk (reputational and financial).

  • Commit. Be sure you have the time and that your employer will support your goal.

  • Identify your value. What impact can you bring to a for-profit board?

  • Market your profile. Create a compelling board bio.

  • Determine what type of board you want to pursue. What industry would fit your skills and experience?

  • Recruit sponsors. Identify those who can advise you and be a reference for your abilities and those who can introduce you to opportunities.

  • Raise your visibility. Find ways to raise your visibility as an aspiring board candidate (i.e. speaking engagements, let people know of your interest, conferences on governance, etc.).

  • Network, network, network.

To learn more, visit http://www.onboardnow.org.