Power to Powerful Women

From the Nike adreleased during the Oscars to the Atlanta Business Chronicle's Mentoring Mondayevent, girl power has made its way to the top of the cultural zeitgeist this week and it's always on the top of our minds at Babbit Bodner.

We are fortunate to work with some of the most powerful women in business and one of our core competencies is executive visibility for female executives.

Our team is made up of smart, savvy and sassy females that bring both personal expertise to clients looking to connect with media and influencers focused on motherhood, health and wellness, and women entrepreneurs and CEOs.

And we're passionate about the next generation of women leaders. Our time as a mentor at the Chronicle's Mentoring Monday event was incredibly inspirational - the questions and congeners from the mentees taught us more about the future of work than we could have taught them.

Later this month, we're attending the Tory Burch Foundation's women's event and sponsoring a networking event for She's the First, a fabulous organization helping first-generation high school attendees. We have a few tickets to both events so if you're interested in attending either, please let us know.

To continue the excitement around powerful women, tomorrow we're kicking off 30 Days of Powerful Women. We'll be featuring clients, friends, co-workers and other women who leave us wowed. Follow us on Instagramand Linkedinto check out these leading ladies. Any suggestions on who we should include?