VIDEO: Executive Visibility – Helping Atlanta Female Business Leaders Find Their Voice

There are so many smart, strong and strategic female leaders in Atlanta. At Babbit Bodner we work with a lot of them and we’re constantly inspired by the work they do and the things they’re able to accomplish. However, we’ve found that many of these women aren’t comfortable talking about themselves or their companies at public events, with the media, or even on their own communication platforms.

That’s a problem.

Our fearless female leader and CEO, Jennifer Bodner, recently sat down with Metro Atlanta CEO to discuss our passion for giving females the tools and techniques necessary to elevate themselves and the companies they work for. We enjoy working with executives both male and female to help find their voice so they can tell their story or their company’s story in a way that is impactful and authentic.

Some of the things we can help with:​

  • Media relations​

  • Message development and execution

  • Social media presence and development

  • Community involvement

Link to video here

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