Women’s Entrepreneurship Day 2019

Today is Women’s Entrepreneurs Day, and I have been reflecting on my four years as a #Ladyboss.

In the agency world, our sole focus is being an advocate for our clients, providing them with added visibility, support, and pushing their business goals. The stereotypical view of us “agency folk” is that we are expected to work our butts off for clients who never even seem to realize the work going on behind the scenes, the blood, sweat and tears that go on all for the sake of the current brand or company paying the retainer.

As a woman entrepreneur, I’ve been shocked and delighted by how this typical agency/client relationship has been flipped on its head. I am continually awed by how kind my clients have been, and beyond “niceness,” they have been incredible advocates of our team.

In the past few weeks, a former client has included us in her women’s networking group and referred us to another company; another client sent a late-night text letting me know how much she appreciates our team; and yet another brought us in on a massive project for her new boss because she wanted to help us grow.

Women helping other women.

Female execs helping build other females’ businesses.

Support, trust, and advocacy.

These aren’t new concepts and they’re ones we read about in terms of “how things should be,” yet it isn’t the norm. The beauty in these relationships is not lost on me.

So, I dedicate my thoughts and passion on Women’s Entrepreneurship Day not to the other entrepreneurs out there, but rather to the female clients and customers that complete the circle, that not only just pay the bills, but fuel our spirits and help us grow. @lorynfranco @jennshipe @shaunaachey @charlottegelenka @christinasmedley