Communications Considerations Around COVID-19

There is an overflow of information circulating right now about how to navigate Coronavirus. First and foremost, COVID-19 is a humanitarian crisis and as the virus runs its course globally, there will be tremendous work to be done for communities, business, and society as a whole. We know you are focused on your employees, supply chains, financial outlook and more. We have been giving thought to how brands and companies should think about customer-centric communications during these uncertain times.

Below, we’ve shared our considerations when thinking about PR, social media and other forms of outward-facing communications.

1. Tone is critical: Take an assessment of your upcoming marketing, communications and social media content. Does anything feel out of touch with the current environment? This is a challenging time for many, anxiety levels are high, and it’s important to have the right voice, empathy and tone. It’s still possible to share brand-centric messaging, but evaluate every piece of copy and image to ensure sensitivity.

2. Join the conversation. Find a sweet spot where your business and its leaders not only have a point of view but have the credibility to share it (for example, if you’re in the food business, do you have a unique perspective on packaging or distribution, do bankers and financial advisors have thoughts on the future of the markets). Utilize key channels like LinkedIn, as well as being a reference for journalists and influencers looking for new and innovative content around the topic.

3. Maximize virtual opportunities. There is little doubt big events, meetings, and conferences will continue to be modified and canceled. The key is to optimize your virtual assets. Microsites can be an instrumental tool in providing images, quotes, live feeds and other pieces of the story to press and attendees. Get innovative with social media and communication tools like Slack to offer live chats, virtual panels, speeches, etc.

Every client is going to have unique needs during this unprecedented times and we will work with each of you to ensure your methods of communication are in line, the above simply provides best practices and guidance as you move forward.