3 Tips for Managing Communications During the Whirlwind of 2020

What a perfect communications’ storm we are living in. Companies are grappling with how to manage messaging around evergreen corporate announcements + COVID-19 + racial justice. Oh, and let us not forget it’s an election year. While we do not have all the answers, we have helped our clients through crises and issues before and some of the consistent best practices are more important now than ever before. Here are three guard-rails for thinking about communications during the whirlwind of 2020:

1. Employees First. Employee communications has never been more critical. Your employees are your most important asset. They are the face and voice of the brand. They can be your biggest cheerleader or your loudest detractor. Over the past two months, we’ve seen a massive pivot from the traditional “rank and file” standards of the past to a place where employees are not afraid to raise their voice when they feel misunderstood or misrepresented.

Key steps to employee’s comms: Consistently do a pulse check of internal culture, have a regular cadence for all-team communications, and leverage your employee ambassadors through social and PR.

2. Community Management: Don’t “post and ghost.” Responding to daily mentions, DMs and comments on your social posts is always a must-do, but in the current climate of constant unknowns, your customers want to be heard more than ever.

Key steps to community management: Aim for responses to DMs and comments within 24 hours, take negative discussions to direct messages for follow-up.

3. Transparency is Critical: Again, we don’t have all the answers. You don’t have all the answers. No one has all the answers! Don’t be afraid to share the unknowns with your audiences – tell them what you do know, share what you’re planning for, but always be clear when you have made a mistake or have an unknown. Time and time again, we see leaders get in trouble for hiding the truth, trying to have all the answers or just staying quiet.

Key steps to being transparent: Be clear, be honest, be humble.

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