Three Things We’re Watching This Week

Every week we share with you three things that we’re taking note of – from pop culture to communications’ trends to relevant mergers and acquisitions. Hopefully this helps you stay abreast of water cooler conversation when there’s no water cooler anymore!

1. What Attending Virtual CES 2021 Might Be Like: Can you have a virtual Consumer Electronics Show that feels anything like the real thing? That is, not just with streaming panels and press conferences, but with exhibit halls to wander, booths large and small to visit, and encounters with product designers and company executives both planned and random? 

2. 'SNL' Cancels Morgan Wallen Performance After Singer Breaks COVID-19 Protocols: The rising country star posted an emotional Instagram video from a New York City hotel room — where he was preparing to go on the weekly show — telling fans that he had received a call from the show informing him that he would no longer be able to play the Oct. 10 show because of COVID-19 protocols at “SNL.”

3. Could COVID-19 be what finally kills Black Friday?: Black Friday has been losing its clout in recent years, as more sales move online and make it possible for shoppers to browse from their couch.