Three Things We’re Watching This Week:

Every week we share with you three things that we’re taking note of – from pop culture to communications’ trends to relevant mergers and acquisitions. Hopefully this helps you stay abreast of water cooler conversation when there’s no water cooler anymore!

Our top picks for April Fools’ Pranks are when two brands combined forces to get in on the fun together. Green Giant and Peeps partnered to “launch” Cauliflower Peeps and Banza teamed up with Magic Spoon to launch Mac & Cheese-flavored cereal. And we were totally fooled by the Adult Snoo.

1. Best and worst April Fools' Day Brand campaigns, 2021: Last year, most brands steered away from their usual April Fools’ Day gags and pranks as the pandemic disrupted everyday lives. This year, it’s mostly back to basics. Most experts warned against using false narratives and suggested that brands ditch fake products, while leaning into consumer trends brought forth by the pandemic. Some brands heeded the advice better than others. 2. 15 of the funniest April Fools' pranks by food brands: Notice some unusual announcements today from food brands? Maybe take them with a grain of salt. Companies across the globe are taking advantage of April Fools’ Day to execute clever marketing campaigns. The more ridiculous the product, the more buzz on the internet. Luckily for us, it’s extremely entertaining. Food brands and restaurants have stepped up their April Fools’ game this year, providing hilarious concoctions and products. Be honest: Did you fall for any of these? 3. Forget Voltswagen, Volkswagen is the real April Fool: Happy April Fools’ Day! We live in a branded hellscape of misinformation and lies! Beware the social feeds today, dear reader. Today is the day that brands replace the shackles of commerce in favor of jokes, with usually indifferent—but sometimes worse!—results. Like that time when Google dropped minions in everyone’s Gmail, or when McDonald’s introduced shake-flavored dipping sauces, or Hasbro changed Mr. Potato Head into Mr. Avo Head. After a year off from this type of marketing hijinks (the one pandemic silver lining?), this year Volkswagen kicked things off earlier than expected.